You will receive a tracking request as a text message on their mobile device.

  1. Click the link in the message and you will be taken into the DAT One mobile application.
    Note:  If  DAT One mobile is not yet installed, the you will be taken to the app store to download it first.  First time users must register for a free account if you don't have a subscription with DAT.
  2. Once in the DAT One mobile app, you will then navigate to the My Loads screen to view the request
  3. Tap on the request to open it and view the details
  4. You will now have the ability to either ACCEPT or DECLINE request
    Note:  If you decline the request, the broker will be notified and tracking will not be allowed.  If you accept the request, your mobile device will be tracked during the scheduled trip.  Your location will be updated every 15 minutes for the broker to see your most recent location and there is nothing further you need to do as the app will update itself.  This information can be shared with the shipper to avoid 'check in calls'.  It is important to leave DAT One running in the background while tracking is enabled.