When viewing one of your load requests, you have the ability to use DAT's navigation to direct you to a location. Start by clicking the navigation button.

The first time navigation is used, you will see the following message.

You will then be prompted to enter in the settings for your truck. This is a very important step as the map feature will use your settings to ensure that the route selected is a safe one for your vehicle. For instance, if your truck weighs 45,000 lbs, the navigation would not put you on a road with a weight restriction that would be unsafe for you. Accurately recording your truck settings will give you the absolute best route possible for you to drive. When finished, tap DONE.

Next, you will be prompted to select if you are carrying hazardous materials. Again, this is so the navigation can avoid roads where hazmat trucks are prohibited. Select the type of hazardous material you haul and select DONE or, if you don't haul hazmat, select NONE.

You will now have the chance to start navigating to the location by selecting the START ROUTE button.