You can view the specific details of a tracking request so you know exactly where the pickup and dropoff locations are and when you are expected to be at each.

  1. In the DAT One mobile app, navigate to the My Loads screen and click on your Active shipments
  2. Tap on the shipment to open the details.
  3. From the Details view you can see all of the relevant information of the entire trip, including the pickup and dropoff addresses and the date and times you are expected to be at each
  4. To view individual location information, select the Stops option
  5. From here you can view details about the specific location you will be visiting, including important dock information the broker has shared with you

    Note:  You can use the arrow icon to allow the app to provide turn-by-turn directions to the location helping you find the best route for your truck on this trip.  This functionality is provided by, a mapping provider that considers the dimensions of a vehicle (eg. length, weight, height, commodity being shipped) to find the safest and quickest route for you.