Locating Truck Services

To access the Map feature in DAT One (Mobile), tap Map at the bottom of the screen.


The map has many capabilities to aid carriers with their day-to-day operations.  To access them, pull up the bottom drawer by 'dragging' it upward.


Note:  DAT One (Mobile) uses your device's location services in order to find the requested truck services nearest to you.  The search radius around your current location is roughly 66 miles.  The feature is only supported if your location services are enabled.

From here, you can find the following features nearest to your current location.  These services are tailored to carriers and their needs with running a big truck

  • All Nearby (Searches for all of the below at once)
  • Fuel Up
  • Take a Break
  • Weigh Scales
  • Truck Wash
  • Locksmith
  • Tires
  • Repair/Towing
  • Pallets
  • Dealers
  • Truck Stops

Upon tapping on any of these options, you will be taken to the map where all known locations nearby will display (eg. Fuel Up)


Drag the bottom drawer to the top (seen above) to see a complete list of locations found.


Tapping on any of the locations found will show you the complete details known for that location.


From here, you can take advantage of the TAKE ME THERE feature that will guide you to the location using the map provided by here.com.  This is very useful as the map provided in DAT One (Mobile) will take your truck size and dimensions into account when navigating you to avoid roads that your truck shouldn't be on (eg. Overpass too low). 

Note:  Unless you have an active shipment tracking request in DAT One (Mobile), the navigation will default to the native map on your device (eg. Google Maps, Apple Maps).

You can also tap the phone number to call the location.

Map Features

Symbol_3.png Tap the Current Location button to re-center your map back to where you currently are.

Symbol_4.png Tap the Map Settings button to access the following

  • Map or Satellite View
  • Traffic - displays traffic updates on the map
  • Truck - displays important truck information (eg. overpass heights, HazMat restrictions, etc)

For a legend on what the icons seen on the map mean, click HERE.