Factoring is a great way of getting paid quickly after delivering a load and can eliminate the possibility of a 'no payment' from a broker.  DAT One has partnered with OTR Capital to integrate factoring right into your workflow.

  1. When viewing the details of a load that you have booked, scroll to the bottom and choose FACTOR WITH OTR

  2. If this is the first time using factoring here, you will need to complete the form to register with OTR and tap SUBMIT when done.  If this has already been done, proceed to the next step

  3. Next, log into OTR with the credentials you chose

  4. Now you will need to submit the invoice by completing the form with the required information

  5. The next step requires you to upload your invoice

  6. Now you can choose to Save for Later or to Submit Invoice

  7. Once finished, return to the DAT One app to view the details of the load again

This load will now be saved to My Shipments under the Open section for you to view at anytime.  You will be able to track your factoring request there and see once it has been approved without having to log into OTR.