1. To search loads on the DAT One Mobile app, simply select the Loadboard option, complete the form, and click on the SEARCH LOADS button.
    • Origin: refers to the where you wish to pick up a load. You can enter your current location, or specify a different city, state(s), or zone(s).
    • Destination:  refers to where you intend to heard or drop off the load. You can enter a city, state(s), or zone(s).
    • Deadhead: deadhead miles, also called empty miles, refer to the distance that a truck driver travels while not carrying any cargo. This occurs when the driver needs to reach the next location where they can pick up a new load to transport.
    • Truck:  You have the option to choose a previously saved truck profile under the My Trucks section. Alternatively, if you prefer to enter the details manually, you can select the option to do so by tapping on MANUALLY ENTER DETAILS.
    • Length: Enter the length of your trailer.
    • Weight:  Enter the maximum cargo weight you can haul safely.
    • FULL/PARTIAL: Indicate here whether you are looking for full loads, partial loads, or both
    • START DATE/END DATE:  These fields allow you to specify a date range that your truck is available
    • MAXIMUM POST AGE: Indicates how far back in the DAT database you would like to go to find loads. You can look as little as one hour back and as many as 96 hours.
    •  FILTERING: DAT One allows you to filter your search results so that you can just look at the ones you want to see. You can filter your results by whether they are:
      • Bookable - loads that you can book online and without a phone call
      • Factorable -  loads that will pay within 24 hours of delivery through OTR Solutions
      • Assurable -loads that can be assured using DAT Assurance (not available in all packages)
  2. When you finish filling up the form, tap SEARCH LOADS
  3. When viewing the load search results, you can edit your search parameters by tapping EDIT SEARCH in the upper-right corner.

Note: If you are logged into the app without a paid subscription, you will see these messages on the screen and you will have a limited number of  2 search results you can view each day.  For unlimited results, visit us at DAT.com to view our subscription options.