Prefer an office

DAT One Mobile will often show you more postings than you can possibly review at one time.  It can be difficult to find companies that you've worked with in the past in the midst of all the results.  This is where DAT One's prefer feature can help.  Just mark an office as preferred and you will be able to quickly locate that office's postings on your search results.

Note:  This feature is currently only available for DAT One Office or DAT One Enterprise subscribers.

  1. From your search results, tap on a result to view the details

  2. In the Company Details section, tap the + ADD TO option

  3. You can now choose to Preferred option

  4. A heart icon will appear on all postings from that office on any search you run

  5. To view just the companies you prefer on a search, tap the Filter option and select Only Preferred from the list

  6. To remove them from your preferred list, simply repeat the process under Company Details and choose None to remove the heart

Block an office

You may find that there are some businesses on your search results that you prefer not to see.  When that happens, you can block that office and they will no longer appear.

Note:  This does not block the entire company, just the office you are currently viewing.

  1. Tap on one of your search results to view the details

  2. From the Company Details section, tap the + ADD TO option and choose Blocked

  3. Loads from this company will no longer be displayed on your search results.  To view the companies that have been blocked, tap the Filtter option and select Only Blocked

  4. To unblock the company, simply repeat the process under Company Details and choose None to remove the block