Carriers can access private loads sent directly to them from right within the DAT One (Mobile) app.  These loads are available to carriers when brokers add them to a Private Network.  In many cases, carriers can book these loads directly and without a phone call.  Carriers are encouraged to check in often to view these loads.

Private Loads are accessible by tapping the Load Board option and then tapping Private Loads.


Note:  If no private loads are available, carriers will see a message sating there are no private loads currently available.  If you have not previously  provided your authority (eg. DOT, MC, FF, etc), you will be prompted to do so the first time you access Private Loads.

 Here carriers will see a list of available loads.


 Tapping on any of the loads will bring up the details of that load.


 When available on a private load, carriers can use the BOOK NOW button to book the load at the rate listed.  Upon tapping this option, carriers will receive a message stating they will be emailed confirmation if the booking was accepted by the broker.

If the carrier chooses to tap the PLACE A BID option, they can submit the rate they are asking for to the broker.  Once again, the carrier will get an email when the bid is accepted or rejected.

If a bid gets rejected by the broker, carriers can submit a new bid up to 4 more times (5 bid limit per load).

Note:  The status of the load is not currently updated  once the load is booked or bid on.  The email is the confirmation that the carrier was awarded the load.  Carriers should check their email often.