Discover the true potential of every load with our revolutionary Profit Estimator. Don't be misled by offer rates alone – consider your operating costs, including insurance, fuel, truck payments, and more. Our sophisticated tool empowers you to make well-informed decisions, maximizing your profits by guiding you towards lucrative loads and steering clear of unprofitable ones. Unlock the secret to smarter bookings and experience a significant boost to your bottom line with the Profit Estimator. Seize the opportunity and elevate your business to new heights!

  1. Start by running a search and finding some available loads.
  2. Scroll down until you see Profit Estimator and tap the My Costsoption.
  3. Now fill out the form to the best of your ability.  You will be asked to provide the following:
    • Weekly Truck Targets- Set your goals for the number of miles and revenue you want to achieve for your truck in a work week.
      • MILES PER WEEK - Enter the average miles you drive a week
      • DRIVER PAY - Enter the revenue you plan to make each week
      • EQUIPMENT TYPE - Select the type of truck you operate
    • Fixed Costs- Enter the different monthly payments for your company.  We will use this information to calculate a baseline operating cost for your truck. 
      • TRUCK PAYMENT - Enter your monthly truck payment (if applicable)
      • TRAILER PAYMENT - Enter your monthly trailer payment (if applicable)
      • AUTO INSURANCE - Enter your monthly auto insurance
      • CARGO INSURANCE - Enter your monthly cargo insurance
      • HEALTH INSURANCE - Enter your monthly health insurance
      • PERMITS - Enter your monthly permit fees (if applicable)
      • EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT FUND - Enter the amount you plan to save each month to account for unplanned issues (ie. engine trouble)
      • DISPATCH SERVICE COST - Enter your monthly dispatch service cost (if applicable)
      • FOOD & LODGING - Enter your monthly food expense
      • OTHER/MISC - Add any other monthly costs you may incur
      Note: If you would like to suggest any additional fields to be included in the Profit Estimator, simply click on the Request a Field button located below the Calculate button. This will allow you to send us an email with all the necessary details about the field you wish to see added.
  4. Now tap CALCULATE.
  5. The Profit Estimator will use the fixed costs section to calculate your monthly costs and add them to your weekly targets. Based on the load posting data, the Profit Estimator will estimate the approximate profit above your weekly targets that the broker's offer may yield.
    • All In Rate: Once the 'Miles per Week', 'Drivers Pay per Week' and 'Equipment' fields have been filled in in the 'My Costs' section, you can update the 'All In Rate'
    • Fuel Costs: determined by considering the overall distance traveled (including deadhead miles) and the current fuel prices, which are updated weekly and sourced from the Energy Information Administration (EIA).
      fuel prices are sourced from the Energy Infomration Administration (EIA) and updated weekly.
    • Miles Per Gallon: Once the 'Miles per Week', 'Drivers Pay per Week' and 'Equipment' fields have been filled in in the 'My Costs' section, you can update the 'All In Rate'