When sending emails through the DAT One mobile app, it will use your device’s default mail app and the email address saved onto your device.

To change your device's default email address on an iPhone or iPad

  1. Tap on your device’s Settings app  and navigate to Mail
  2. Tap on Accounts to view your saved Mail accounts and check if your desired email address is listed. If it is not, please select Add Account and login to your desired email account
  3. If your email address is already listed, please select the desired email account, and ensure the Mail setting is toggled on
  4. Tap on Accounts  then Mail in the upper left-hand corner to go back to Mail Settings
  5. Tap on Default Account (It should be at the bottom of the page)
  6. Select the email account you wish to use by default when sending an email
  7. Now whenever you try to send an email to a broker from the DAT One App, it will open up your default Mail App with your default email address in the From field