DAT One is designed to deliver exact matches, in accordance with the search criteria specified by you. If your search returns no results, consider checking the following:

  1. Expanding your search radius (DH-O) may enhance your chances of discovering a load as certain regions may have limited freight availability for the equipment type selected during your search.

  2. Expanding your date range may prove beneficial in finding loads. If you are struggling to find loads for today, for example, consider extending your search to include tomorrow's date as well to see what options may become available.

  3. Consider running a search with the "Any" option instead of "Only" when selecting your equipment type. This approach allows for a more flexible search, encompassing a broader range of options rather than being restricted to specific equipment types. For example, when searching for a specialized equipment type, such as Flatbed with Tarps, you may find fewer results compared to searching for a more general category, such as "any" type of Flatbed.
  4. Expanding your destination to include areas along your route can increase your chances of finding a load. Utilize DAT's Zone Map to identify states and zones along your path, rather than solely focusing on your final destination.