You can use the Edit feature to update your shipment details. A few examples where this can be handy are:

  • Your customer/shipper updated the load destination for example, and you need to update your shipment posting accordingly
  • You entered the equipment type as a Van but it is actually a Reefer load

These are the steps to edit a shipment:

  1. From My Shipments, click on the three dots( ⠇) Then click Edit
  2. Please proceed to edit the necessary fields you wish to edit
    Note: Please note that essential fields are marked with a warning sign . Editing an essential field will delete all carrier bid and booking activity associated with the shipment
  3. When you are done making the changes, please click SAVE CHANGES
  4. A dialogue box will appear to inform you that carriers with active bids on the shipment will be notified of the edit. Click PROCEED to continue
    Note: To streamline your shipment editing process and avoid seeing this notification in the future, you may select the Don't ask me again option
  5. A success message will display at the bottom of your screen