Posting your shipments is a great way to get in touch with carriers that are able to haul them. Whether posting to a Private Network of carriers you've created, or to the entire DAT load board, interested carriers will respond.

From the menu, click Post a Shipment

Shipment Details

  • Origin and Destination:  To enter a city, just start typing the name or zip code, and then select the desired location from the drop-down menu. 
  • Pickup Earliest and Pickup Latest: The Pickup Earliest date will always default to the current calendar day, so you can skip to the next field if that is right for you. When the pickup date is flexible and you wish to select a range of dates, select a Pickup Latest date.
  • Pickup Hours  and Drop off Hours:  These are the hours of operation at the pickup or the drop-off locations. If the warehouse has restricted hours, enter that information here.
  • Full/ Partial:  Specify if your shipment requires a Full Truckload or a less-than-truckload (Partial) arrangement.
  • Length:  Provide the length of the trailer needed in feet for your shipment.
  • Weight: Weights in DAT One are in pounds. The lowest weight in DAT One is 100. You can use the letter "K" as a shortcut for thousands, such as 50K for 50,000 pounds.
  • Comments: If you have further information you deem essential, please input it into the "Comments" field.
    Note:Contact methods are not allowed in this field. If you do enter one, the system will redact them .
  • Commodity: You can enter the type of commodity to be hauled in the Commodity box. This can help ensure the carrier can handle the load properly.
  • Reference ID:  This serves as a unique identifier for each posting. It must be distinct from any other reference ID you're currently using. This tool is especially beneficial when managing multiple postings, and carriers will see this ID when they view your posting. This field has a limit of 8 characters.
  •  Contact info: You can select up to 3 of your contact methods that you have saved within your DAT profile. These include: Primary phone number, Secondary phone number, Email address

Select your Audience

  • Select Post to Private Network  if you wish that only the carriers in your Private Network see the shipment. You can also select Specific Groups within your Private Network if you don't want to send the shipment to the entire network.
  • Selecting Post to DAT Load Board will send your shipment to the entire DAT database, where all carriers can see the shipment.
  • Select Post to Extended Network to allow non-DAT carriers to see the shipment when using the DAT One (Mobile) app for Android and iPhones.

Note:  For standard DAT users, posting to the Extended Network will incur a $2/per posting/per day charge. This option is a complimentary service for enterprise users and incurs no additional charge.

Booking & Rate

  • Allow carriers to book instantly on DAT (book now): You can allow both your Private Network and DAT Load Board carriers to book your shipment online, without having to call you
  • Flat Rate:
    • DAT Load Board: If you enable the "Book Now" option, a flate is required when posting your shipment to DAT Load Board. Otherwise it is optional but strongly recommended.
    • Private Network: A flat is required when posting to your Private Network.
    • Note: You can select one rate to be displayed for your Private Network carriers, while you have a different rate provided to the DAT Load Board carriers.

  • Market Rate: The market rate helps you determine if the amount you have in mind for this trip is in line with market trends.
  • Allow bids from Private Network: By checking this box, you can allow carriers to bid on the shipments that are posted to a Private Network, where you will be able to see each carrier's bid and award the shipment to a carrier. You can also set a Max Rate. This rate is NOT displayed to the carrier. If a carrier submits a bid over the amount you enter as the Max Rate, their bid will automatically get rejected with the reason of "Bid amount too high".

When finished, click POST