From the My Shipments menu, locate the My Shipments button.

Click the option for Workgroup Shipments to see shipments from all of the other users in your group in addition to your own.

Each user is assigned their own colored badge to identify their postings from yours.  Simply hover over the badge to see the owner of that shipment.

When managing shipments, keeping track of your team's activity is crucial. You can easily filter workgroup shipments by workgroup members. To do so, locate the badges next to the FILTER option and click on one of them (You can also select more that one)

Each user has the ability to view, copy and delete each other's shipments.  With workgroup functionality also comes the ability for each user in the group to accept bids on behalf of other users.

Note: If you can't see the Workgroup option, it might be due to a browser extension like adblock. Click here for instructions on disabling browser extensions.