You may find that you have been added to someone's Private Network and are being notified of available shipments sent to you.  If you do not wish to work with the company and would rather not be a part of their Private Network, you can decide to 'opt out' of the service.

  1. From within DAT One, navigate to the Private Network screen
  2. Locate the company on the list and click the 3 dots at the end
  3. To opt out of the entire company, click the Opt Out of Company option.  To just remove yourself from one of the offices at that company, click See All Offices
  4. When viewing offices, select the office(s) you want to opt out of and then select the OPT OUT button

Note:  To opt back in at anytime, return to the Private Network screen and choose the OPTED OUT button.  From there you can see what companies you have opted out of and opt back in if you choose.