DH-O (Dead Head Origin)

This is a mileage count of how far from your desired origin point you are willing to drive to pick up a load. 

  • For example, if you set your DH-O to 100 miles and your origin is Dallas, Texas, then that means the results will have loads up to a hundred miles from Dallas

DH-D (Dead Head Destination)

This is how far you are willing to drive outside of your desired destination point. 

  • If I want to end up in Billings, Montana and you set the DH-D to 100, my drop off point will be anywhere up to 100 miles outside of Billings. 

The  DH-D option is unavailable or greyed out when searching for a load. This is due to the destination that you selected. If you put a state or a zone, rather than a specific city, Dead Head Destination miles will not be available because the destination area is so wide already.