The company filter feature in DAT One enables users to refine their search results based on specific companies. By using the filter options, users can choose to include or exclude results from particular companies

  1. From DAT One, once you perform a search, locate the company filter option.
  2. Within the company filter, you will find two options: Show Only and Exclude Select the desired option
  3. To filter search results to show only a specific company, enter the company name in the text field. For example, if you enter "ABC Brokerage" and click "Done," the search results will be filtered to display only those related to the company starting with "ABC Brokerage". You can enter complete company names or partial names to filter the results. The filter will match the company names starting with the entered text.
  4. You can enter up to 10 company values, separated by commas, to filter the search results based on multiple companies. For example, you can enter "Company A, Company B, Company C" to narrow down the results to include only those from these specified companies.