1. Navigate to DAT One and select Search Loads from the menu
  2. Select the city you wish to search from and enter the deadhead miles you're willing to drive to pick up a load. You can also enter the city, states, or zones that you would like to go to
  3. Select three different equipment types: Flatbed, Decks Specialized, and Decks Standard
  4. Enter the date range that you are available
  5. Specify your length and weight requirements to ensure you won't see loads that are too big for you to haul. Leave All selected to ensure you capture all possible loads
  6. Click Done to run your search and see matching results
  7. Conduct a second search by choosing the following equipment types: Flatbed or Stepdeck, Flatbed, and Flatbed Hotshot
  8. Save your search by clicking on the three dots and choosing "Save Search" to add it to your saved search list