• PENDING -The carrier has not yet responded to your tracking request. If this status does not update, you will need to contact the carrier and ask that they log into the DAT One mobile app and accept the request provided to them under "My Shipments"

  • ACCEPTED - The carrier has accepted the tracking request. Tracking will begin at the designated time or when the carrier arrives at the pick up location.

  • DISPATCHED - The carrier is currently on their way to the pick up location.

  • AT PICK UP - The carrier is currently at a pick up location.

  • AT DROP OFF -The carrier is currently at a drop off location.

  • IN TRANSIT - The carrier is currently between locations, indicating they are currently transporting the shipment.

  • AT RISK - The shipment is in jeopardy of not being on time.

  • DELIVERED - The shipment has been delivered and tracking has been disabled.

  • DECLINED - The carrier opted out of tracking by declining your request.

Note:  Each of the status indicators on this screen are filters.  Clicking them will show you shipments that apply to the filter.  For instance, clicking the PENDING filter will show you just the shipments that have not yet been responded to by the carrier.