One of the benefits to posting your truck is that DAT One will automatically locate loads that match your truck's details.  While waiting for a broker or shipper to call you, you may find the perfect load to reach out on yourself.

  1. Navigate to My Trucks, locate the truck posting that you are interested in viewing loads for, and click on View Loads
    The matching loads will be displayed in a slide-out panel

    Note:   Limit the matches to within the radius you select for your DH-O and DH-D.  You may also choose to view just fulls, partials or both full and partial.
  2. To be alerted when a new load gets posted that matches their truck. They will receive an audible notification and visual badge that shows the number of matching load postings that have been posted since the alarm was set.
    Audible alarms can be turned off from the My Trucks page.
  3. Alternatively, you can view the matching loads by clicking on the posting
    The matching loads will display in a new page beneath the details of your posted truck