Once you find a load for your truck and it is no longer available, you will want to remove it from the load board.  You may use the Unpost feature to remove it from the load board, while leaving it in DAT One in case you repost it at some point.  If you want to permanently remove it, use the Delete feature instead.

  1. From the My Trucks menu locate the truck you wish to unpost
  2. Click on the 3 dots to the right of the truck and select the Unpost option
  3. A warning message will pop up to warn you that unposting your truck will make it invisile to carrier. Click YES to continue
    Note: To streamline your truck unposting process and avoid seeing this notification in the future, you may select the Don't ask me again option
  4. The truck will no longer be visible on the load board, but will remain within DAT One.  If you want to repost it, select the 3 dots again and choose Repost from the menu