Most carriers will need an ELD, or Electronic Logging Device, installed into their truck.  However, there are several exemptions:

  1. Trucks manufactured in the year 1999 or before are not required to have an ELD.

  2. Drivers who keep paper logs for no more than 8 days during a consecutive 30-day period are exempt from the ELD requirement.

  3. If you work as a driveaway-towaway operator, you are not required to purchase an ELD. This exemption applies in cases when the vehicle driven is part of a shipment being delivered, such as a vehicle manufacturer delivering vehicles to a dealership.

  4. The ELD mandate only applies to carriers who are required to follow the FMCSA’s hours of service regulations. If your vehicle doesn’t qualify as a CMV, or you qualify for one of the general hours of service exemptions (such as the 100/150 air mile radius rule) and you don’t already maintain RODS, you will not be required to use an ELD.

    Note:  If you’re not sure whether your vehicle qualifies as a CMV, you can find out HERE.