To file your IFTA fuel tax reports, you have to keep track of where you drove, how many miles you drove, fuel receipts or fuel tickets, and odometer readings. You have to file for IFTA four times a year, and you have to keep the records on file for four years. They’re due on Jan. 31, April 30, July 31 and Oct. 31.

  • We’ll file your fuel taxes for you and keep the records for as long as legally required (4 years)
  • Includes a free fuel optimization service, which is worth more than $20 a month
  • Know that you’re only paying exactly what you owe
  • No need to hire another employee or spend extra hours doing your accounting

How does it work?

  • Paper: Send your trip sheets and we’ll take care of everything else
  • Paperless: DAT can download data from your GPS or ELD system
  • DIY: Use our handy online service to enter the info and generate the IFTA report
  • 1-3 trucks: $24/truck per month / 4-15 trucks: $19/truck per month / 16-35 trucks: $17/truck per month

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