In the competitive freight market, negotiating the best rate is crucial. To help you make informed decisions and secure higher rates, DAT One offers a range of powerful tools .

National load count

To negotiate effectively, it's essential to have a good understanding of the market. The National Load Count on DAT One provides valuable insights into the supply and demand dynamics of different areas and equipment types

The National Load Count tool, accessible through the Dashboard menu, provides inbound and outbound load totals for specific equipment types in each state. By sorting the results by outbound load counts, you can identify areas where carriers are in high demand. These regions often present an opportunity to negotiate higher rates with brokers who struggle to find available carriers.

Remember, higher outbound totals than inbound totals indicate a potential carrier shortage, increasing your bargaining power. Make use of the refresh button to keep the load counts updated.

Average Rate for Lane

When searching for a specific lane, DAT One allows you to view the average rate paid to carriers recently. Follow these steps to access this information:

  1. Navigate to the load search screen
  2. Run a city-to-city search for your desired lane
  3. The search results will display the average rate, as well as the low and high ends of the rate range

Understanding the average rate for a lane empowers you to assess the fairness of a broker's offer. If the rate seems low compared to the average, you can negotiate for a better rate. It's worth noting that brokers often list rates below the average, hoping carriers without this knowledge will accept the lower offer.

Quick Rate Lookup

The quick rate lookup tool, available in the tools menu, allows you to swiftly identify the average rate for a specific lane. Here's how to use it effectively:

  1. Enter the origin, destination, and equipment type for the lane you want to search
  2. DAT One will display the average rate for that lane

This tool is particularly handy when brokers call to inquire about your availability. Running a quick search gives you instant knowledge of whether the broker's offer rate falls within the displayed range.