There are a few reasons why you may not be seeing the same average lane rates as someone else.

  1. Ensure that your rate lookup search paramaters match exactly: same origin, destination and equipment type (Flatbed, Van, or Reefer)

    DAT One Web rate lookup example:

    RateView rate lookup example:

  2. When comparing rates on Rateview, ensure that the rate focus is the same for both rate lookups (broker-to-carrier sport, or shipper-to-carrier contract). For more details, click HERE

  3. If you are utilizing RateView, then you will want to ensure that the timeframe and geography slider options are matching. Depending on your RateView subscription-level, you may or may not be able to adjust this slider.

  4. The rate discrepancy my also be the result of different subscription levels. The average lane rates displayed on our loadboards are 90-day average, 30-day average, or 15-day average depending on the subscription level. If your services include Rateview (Rateview Pro or Rateview Premium) as well as a loadboard subscription, the average lane rates could vary from 15-day to 30-day averages

    TruckersEdge Professional lane rate average example:

    RateView Premium lane rate average example:

    If you have Full authority on the account, you can check your subscriptions from