If you have no additional seats to assign a user after adding them to your account, follow these steps after you create a new user account to then purchase a new seat. Once the seat is purchased you can then assign them a seat.

Note:  This option is not available for broker agents, leased on carriers or dispatchers.  Contact DAT to add a seat if you are one of these entities.

  1. From User Management , click on Create a New User
  2. Enter the user profile information
  3. Under Seat Assignments, under the product you wish to assign that has no available seats you will see 0 seats available and a blue box alerting you to add seats.
  4. Click the + ADD Seats option
  5. If you have not saved the user profile you will be prompted to SAVE AND ADD SEATS
  6. You will be taken to the Add New Seats screen
  7. Click on the +to add one or more seats. Displayed will be the cost of the additional seat.
  8. Click Next
  9. The service agreement will appear. Agree to the 3 terms and click Accept and Submit.
  10. A Request Submitted message will display
  11. A yellow banner will display at the top of the screen alerting the you that the seat increase has been submitted and may take up to 20 minutes to become available.
  12. A new blue banner will display when the seat(s) are available
  13. The new user needs to go to their email and locate the email from DAT no-reply@dat.com
  14. Open the email and click SET MY PASSWORD
  15. You should be taken to a Change password screen where you will create a new password. Create and verify the new password.
  16. You will receive a message that your password has been successfully changed and be presented with a login button.
  17. Clicking LOGIN takes you to https://www.dat.com/support/customer-login where you will select the product you are assigned a seat to.
  18. The new user (you or your employee) will be presented with login screen and will enter their login email and the password they created.