An invalid state error is caused when the login page for DAT services provides information that does not match with the state of our server. There can be a few different causes of this, but they are generally related to information stored on the device. Please follow these steps to troubleshoot

Clear Cache and cookies

This issue can be caused by some corrupted or incorrect data being stored on the web browser, to clear this information you must clear cache and cookies by following the steps listed HERE. After following these steps please restart your web browser and attempt to log in again.

Check Date and Time settings on the device

The most common cause of this error aside from issues with a browser's cache is the date and time of the device being set incorrectly. Please confirm if the date/time is set correctly for the time zone you are in. If not follow these steps to fix it.


  1.  Right click the time in the bottom right corner of the screen, then select Adjust date/time
  2. If the time is set automatically, click the Sync now button if available and then ensure the time zone is set correctly for the user


Please follow the Apple guide for setting date and time HERE. After following these steps, please restart your web browser.