When attempting to sign in to account.dat.com using a private Firefox window, you may encounter the error message "Can’t Load Page. An Ad Blocker service may be blocking content on this page. Please disable the service for this site and try again. "

The error you are encountering is caused by the enhanced tracking permissions toggle in Firefox's private browsing session. To resolve this issue, simply turn off the enhanced tracking permissions for account.dat.com. To do this, click the shield icon located to the left of the address bar, as shown below:

By disabling the enhanced tracking permissions toggle in a private browser session, you are allowing access to the website for that specific browsing session only. To make this change permanent, exit the private browsing session, return to account.dat.com, and turn off the enhanced tracking permissions toggle again.

Malwarebytes blocking page

Another potential cause of this error may be a security extension such as Malwarebytes Browser Guard.

  1. To access the browser's extension settings, go to the browser menu ( ) and select Settings then Extensions
  2. Click on the Extensions link in the top right of the browser
  3. Left click on Malwarebytes Browser Guard to bring up the configuration option
  4. Click the kabob menu and select Allow List 
  5. Add account.dat.com and select Ads/Trackers and it should appear in the Allowed list
  6. Refresh the browser tab for the account page and it should load properly.