There are several reasons why your search result might not be displaying the correct date(s). Please refer to the troubleshooting suggestions below to resolve the issue:

Check your Device's Timezone

As we primarily service the U.S., users can experience time/date conflicts if they are currently outside of North America. For accurate results, we recommend changing your device's timezone to match Pacific, Mountain, Central, or Eastern Time.

In your Date/Time settings, use the Sync Now option if available. It is recommended to restart your web browser and/or device to ensure all changes have been applied before creating a new DAT search.

Check for Web Browser Updates

Click the browser menu at the top right and select Settings. Check for any available browser updates and restart the browser after completed. 

The update location can vary between browsers, but can easily be found by typing "Update" into the Setting's search bar.

Try an Incognito/Private Window or Another Web Browser

To rule out any browser/extension issues, we recommend trying an incognito/private window or even another web browser. If the issue does not persist, you may need to clear your default browser's cache and cookies using the All-Time timeframe.

If the issue persists after clearing the browser cache and cookies, please check your browser extensions for any conflicts.

Check for 3rd Party Applications

Our products do not directly support any 3rd party applications or browser extensions. Please check for any active 3rd party applications such as VPNs or strict antivirus settings that could be interfering with DAT webpages.