1. At the login screen of your DAT Product, click on the link Reset password
  2. You will get a pop up to Reset your password. Confirm your username and hit CONTINUE.
  3. A Reset your password confirmation pop-up message will show on your screen. You want to leave this page open, access your email from a new tab on your browser, and find the password reset email in your inbox
  4. Click on SET MY PASSWORDand follow the instructions for the new password requirements.
  5. Please input your new password, ensuring it fulfills the specified requirements. Then, re-enter the same password for confirmation. If both entries match and meet the requirements, a green checkmark will appear, enabling you to click on CHANGE PASSWORD.
  6. When you receive "Your Password has been successfully changed" message, navigate back to the login page you left open in Step 4 and enter your new password