Workgroup Shipments feature is a useful tool that allows for collaboration with colleagues to manage necessary shipments efficiently. Workgroup Shipments feature is only included in the DAT Power Office Carrier or DAT One Office Broker subscriptions. 

In rare instances, you may encounter an issue where the Workgroup Shipments are not visible on DAT. To resolve this, please refer to the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Create a test posting: After adding a user to a workgroup, postings that were created before the user was added will not appear under workgroup shipments. To confirm that it appears as expected, create a test posting on another user
  • Ensure the user is in the correct workgroup: If the user is not in a workgroup or is in the wrong workgroup, the button to view workgroup shipments will not be visible to the user. As an account admin, follow the steps listed HERE to confirm that the user is in the correct workgroup
  • Disable Adblocking and Antivirus Extensions: Some extensions such as adblockers and antivirus can cause issues with features on DAT One. To avoid these issues, disable any adblocking and antivirus extensions on DAT One and other DAT Websites. Follow the instructions provided HERE to disable extensions on your web browser
  • Disable Enhanced Tracking Protection (Mozilla Firefox Only): Mozilla Firefox enables Enhanced Tracking Protection on DAT One, which can cause issues with features on DAT One. Follow the instructions provided HERE to disable Enhanced Tracking Protection.
  • Add DAT One to your Antivirus whitelist or trusted websites settings: Certain security features of Antivirus software may inadvertently block certain features of DAT One. If you encounter any issues while using DAT One, try temporarily disabling your Antivirus to see if that resolves the issue. If it does, please refer to your Antivirus provider's website for instructions on how to add to their whitelist or trusted websites.